Gucci Mane Bricks - A Modern Day Street Classic

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The song by Gucci Mane "Bricks" has gained a lot of attention from the streets of Atlanta and the rest of the United States. This is an anthem that has started a lot of great things for Gucci Mane's musical career and has helped to propel him in the right direction. The song discusses the street life that he is used to dealing with as well as provides a unique perspective on selling drugs, which is something that has become a part of reality for people in the streets. Because so many people are able to relate to this song, Gucci Mane is able to keep his buzz in the East-Atlanta neighborhoods alive. In particular, Gucci gets a lot of love in a place called Zone Six; where he grew up and put in a lot of work.

If you take a listen to the song "Bricks," you are definitely going to hear some derogatory language used, so listen with caution. It is not recommend that you expose minors to Gucci Mane or his music because it contains a lot of vulgar language. However, if you are a student of rap music, listening to Gucci is able to give you great insight into the life of a down-south hustler who needed to get money in order to stay alive. A very interesting aspect of selling "bricks" or "all white bricks" which refers to how Gucci always saw people selling "bricks" of drugs in his neighborhood.

Since selling drugs still happens today and it affects the lives of many people, Gucci Mane was down-to-Earth enough to shed light on the situation and how it affected who he has become as a person. For that reason, this song has been and will always be, considered among the best Gucci songs of all time. There are absolutely classic lyrics that are not only catchy, but help you to better understand the truth about Gucci Mane's life.

Not only do you get to hear Gucci Mane's point of view on this song, but you also get to hear from the artists Yo Gotti and Yung Ralph. Each of them have their own verse, or section of the song to which they are granted complete lyrical creativity. The instrumental was produced by Gucci Mane's buddy Zaytoven, who always seems to do a great job. The beat is one of the catchiest parts of the entire song besides the chorus and the verses are nothing short of memorable. This is a modern day hip-hop classic for people that lived through or are living through, the street life in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Gucci Mane Bricks - A Modern Day Street Classic

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This article was published on 2010/03/31