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The Gucci Large Guccissima is in the category of products referred to as all time Gucci best-seller classics. Other products in this category (which might be considered Gucci best seller classics) include the likes of Gucci Horsebit Brown Hobo and the voluptuous Gucci Jockey Large Hobo shoulder bag. Of them all, however, it is the Gucci Large Guccissima that I have come to be most enchanted with.

Measuring 19 inches in length and 5 inches wide; and towering at 15 inches in height, the Gucci large Guccissima is, for one, a large enough bag to accommodate pretty much everything that one would ordinarily want to carry in a hand-bag, and perhaps even one or more extras; without the bag seeming over-laden. At those dimension too, (19 inches by 15 inches by 5 inches), one would have to admit that the Gucci large Guccissima is a big enough bag to appeal to the tastes of the ladies who are increasingly opting for large handbags as a fashion statements; as the trend in these circles has been in favor of larger bags generally.

To avoid a situation where brand bags tend to lose the brand labels (for which the user probably had to pay a considerable sum), the Gucci Guccissima comes with the Gucci label stitched in a stitch that is sure to outlast the bag, so that it never falls off - a leading cause of many otherwise great handbags being written off when their brand tags fall off. For the hardware bits, Gucci Guccissima employs light gold, a material that has been known to maintain its sheen for long after the bag has been put into practical (day to day) usage. The bag does also come with full lining, one side of which is equipped with a zip, effectively making it part of the Gucci Guccissima's core storage and carrying space. Thanks to this feature, you can use the compartment created by zipping the lining to store items you are likely to need urgently (like cell-phones), so that you don't have to spend hours rummaging through the bag trying to fish something out; which can be a very frustrating experienced indeed sometimes.

A notable feature you may note, perhaps with some glee, upon purchasing the Gucci large Guccissima is that it actually comes with a manual! Upon opening the bag for the first time, you encounter a care booklet, outlining how best to use the handbag, and how best to care for it so that it serves you for long. To ensure that what you are getting is indeed a Gucci product, each Gucci Large Guccissima comes with a serial number; and even an authenticity card. The authenticity card, together with the care booklet mentioned earlier and a Gucci dust-bag are therefore the default contents that come with your Gucci large Guccissima, to which you of course add your usual toolkit. Material wise, the Gucci Large Guccissima seems to be made of embossed leaver canvas; which makes for both visual appeal and durability in the bag.

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Gucci Large Guccissima

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This article was published on 2010/03/27