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Gucci is associated with quality, style and elegance. It has made a global name not only amongst the fashion conscious and the celebrities but also amongst the common man. When we talk of functionality and durability, Gucci handbags are proud and can hold their heads high. They have to their credit a variety of styles which have been introduced over the years. The Gucci brand boasts of an upbeat zing and their website also adds haute couture and sophistication to their appearance. Gucci are proud enough that when it comes to quality and style, they are the best. They have every reason to say this since they believe in what they say and deliver what they promise.

The Gucci collection has handbags for practically every occasion. Be it a casual or a formal event, they have bags in their collection to suit the event and the occasion. There are many amongst us who are just casual shoppers. The simple tote bags are really good and as far as quality is concerned they are the best since they last for quite a long time. They tote and shoulder bags also sport a chic and trendy look. Many of the celebrities and Hollywood personalities too sport these bags and thus Gucci also has to its credit an iconic status.

During the sixties, Gucci acquired fame and popularity and it became a common household name. It had to face many problems which popular brands normally face. There were many fake varieties which got introduced under the same brand name. it was difficult for the public to pinpoint the difference between the authentic and the fake varieties. Many of them fell a prey and paid for replicas. Later, people became more conscious and could distinguish between the real and the fake varieties. Though the fake varieties got introduced in the market, people became wary of the situation. This was actually a blessing in disguise and the sales turnover the Gucci brand actually rose. People realized the genuineness of the brand. The replicas are openly sold in Italy and there are some laws to protect the tourists so that they are not lured and cheated by selling replicas.

The internet opens up many fashion sites which offer Gucci handbags at a discounted price. It is very difficult to find out the difference between the original and the fake varieties. The shoppers also feel that in the process, they end up paying less and are also able to get a variety. But if you sport the same handbag in high society, it would easily be identified. Gucci does its part of advertising and marketing by gifting these hi-fi bags to the celebrities who sport them and it makes news in the fashion world. This way, the Gucci brand image gets automatic exposure.

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Gucci Handbags - Quality Personified

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This article was published on 2010/03/27