Gucci Handbags Never Disappoint

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Undoubtedly one of the biggest names in fashion today, Gucci never disappoints. They are known to produce top of the range fashion which appeals mostly to women but also to men. From Gucci clothes to accessories such as belts, handbags and jewelry, Gucci will provide you something to make sure you look classy and elegant. One of the more favorite accessories Gucci produces are the Gucci handbags and Gucci bags that women love so much. If a woman has a Gucci handbag, you will definitely hear about it because it is something every woman loves to pride themselves in. Every year, Gucci comes up with new designs and themes in order to give you something new to experience in todays very fashion conscious world. This year is no different and Gucci have already started producing accessories for the Gucci 2011 range.

For their "Marakech" collection, Gucci has come up with the Gucci "Marakech" medium messenger bag. This Gucci bag brings out a more tribal style and a fresh urban fashion statement which will definitely appeal to the younger crowd unlike the previous bags in the same collection which seemed to appeal to the 40 something and above crowd. It is a simple bag with unique decorations like woven leather trims and tassels featuring a hint of bohemian style. Instead of showing off their G logo on the print as they usually do, they have creatively incorporated the logo with the smartly connected tassels. In addition, Gucci bag enthusiasts can choose from two variations of the Gucci "Marakech" medium messenger bag. One design comes with the beige/ebony GG traditional fabric while the other comes in the camel brown leather. This Gucci bag is also quite practical with adjustable straps which have horse bit ring buckles and a flap and push lock which ensures that all your belongings stay put in the bag. You will even get surprised by the exterior which contains some unexpected compartments. This Gucci bag can come in handy when you have a large load to carry such as books or even office documents. It's simple yet classy in its own way and brings out that sophisticated Gucci look.

Another Gucci bag that has hit the fashion scene in 2011 is the Gucci vintage medium canvas bag. This Gucci bag features light brown canvas with the signature double G done in monogram embroidery and an auburn leather trim. The bag is chic and goes perfectly with a wind coat. The Gucci signature red and green is used all over the panel finish with monogram embroidery to produce a sophisticated sporty style. This bag can act as your regular hand bag but with a little more room for when you need to carry that extra stuff. The bag is large enough for you to even carry a whole change of wardrobe so that you don't need to go back home to do that.

Gucci bags never disappoint and Gucci have definitely gone out of their way to make that statement with their Gucci 2011 bags.


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Gucci Handbags Never Disappoint

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This article was published on 2011/04/26