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Well we are all familiar with the Gucci brand and there are thousands of people who are now wearing Gucci Guilty as their first choice perfume or after shave. I know that all of my friends have at least tried the products and most have made the switch.

I know that many people take a lot of time to check what ingredients are inside perfumes but I have to be honest and say that I don’t.  When you are dealing with quality companies like Gucci, I just know they are doing the right thing in terms of manufacturing and quality.

Gucci Guilty comes with the familiar locked together "Gs" and it is a very pretty looking bottle with a wonderful golden glow. It is one of those items that I like to see perched on my dressing table and greatly adds to the appearance of my room.  They do travelling styles in Gucci Guilty and that is one item I don't mind taking out of my handbag or purse.

Gucci Guilty is my favourite among the Gucci fragrance range.  The floral range was just to light and airy for me but this one ticks all my boxes. All perfumes when applied smell a little different on each person and on me this one works really well.

When a perfume contacts your skin it creates a unique scent so it is probably easier to describe the fragrance when sniffed from the bottle. For me I would describe it as a distinct citrus smell that is both light and airy. It certainly is not a strong over zealous fragrance and I don't like anything that has that impact.

Sitting under this initial smell is a longer lasting smell which Gucci describe as a pepper smell.  I can see where they get this from but I don’t quite get that part.  It smells slightly more earthy to me than a pepper tone, but then again maybe that is just me.

Until I started to use Gucci Guilty, I was a Chanel user and I still use them on and off.  The Chance range was my favourite and if you are familiar with that product then a similar base scent runs through both perfumes. Reading about the latest release of perfumes it would seem that many of the leading perfumery brands are adopting this scent for their base.

Confession time and I need to be careful how I say this.  For whatever reason and perhaps I am falling for the marketing sell, this perfume absolutely draws out my very naughty sexy side.  At first I thought I was imagining this but when it happens with frequency, then perhaps the manufacturer has stumbled upon something.  I would best describe this feeling as being provocative and erring on the side of getting what you want.

If I had to have a complaint about Gucci Guilty I find it lasts for around 3-4 hours and fades a little faster that I would like it to.  That’s why I tried the Gucci Guilty Intense and that is as it says more intense.  It is a very similar scent, slightly stronger and lasts a good 6-8 hours.  I guess it just depends what way you like to wear your perfume after that.

Guuci Guilty Eau de Toilette comes in 75, 50 and 35ml sizes and would be the one I use the most. In addition to those I would frequently use the Gucci shower gel and body lotion.  It makes your skin glow and I love it.  I also use but not with such frequency the body shimmer and it is a great product also. I cannot reveal how having a shower and then rubbing on the body lotion makes me feel otherwise I could not publish this article.

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Gucci guilty

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This article was published on 2012/03/11