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Anyone who has been watching Gucci closely will have noted that they have come up with a number of handbag models in the recent past. These are new bags, which are giving the Gucci classics like the ever popular Gucci Large Guccissima, Gucci Large Horse-bit and the Gucci Jockey Large Shoulder bag 'a serious run for their money.' Of the new Gucci bags that I have gotten the opportunity to use, though, it is the Gucci Babouska Large Boston bag that I have found most enchanting.

When Gucci tags the new Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag as 'large' they are not flattering it. At 15 inches in length by 7.9 inches in width by 12.6 inches in height, the Gucci Babouska Large Boston bag is truly a voluptuous bag in every sense of the word. As such, it is a bag that is likely to appeal both to the pragmatic handbag shopper, who wants a bag that can take in all her kit and still not bulge, as well as the handbag fashionista - seeing that the trend in handbag shopping circles has in the recent past been in great favor of the bigger bags.

For that elegant look when carrying the bag around town, Gucci has decided to employ a 'double-handle' mechanism as way of carrying this bag around; a great departure from most other Gucci bags that tend to be endowed with only a single handle carrying mechanism. For security of the handbags contents, Gucci employs a zip-top closure mechanism for the Gucci Babouska large Boston bag, which admittedly makes for a securer closure mechanism than say a button or tab closure mechanism. Talking of the zip, it is notable that the Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag employs hardware made of the so called antique brass, which makes for a fantastic look, and which - perhaps more importantly - is able to keep its luster for as long as the bag can possibly be in use.

Getting inside the Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag, one of the most remarkable features you might find for the lady living in today's cell-phone driven age is its cell-phone pockets, a great feature, you will have to agree, if you have ever spent a frustrating whole minute trying to fish out a cell-phone from a 'full handbag.' Another feature that is bound to be of great interest in the Gucci Babouska Large Boston, especially if you are a lady who prefers to carry everything in her handbag, is the fact that the bag comes with an inside zip mechanism, so that the compartment so created can be used for the storage (and carriage, one might add), of the items that are best not mixed up with the rest of the handbag's contents.

Material-wise, the Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag seems to be made of GG fabric (Beige and Ebony crystal base colors); with leather of brown color and trim that is suede-based being employed in finishing; to give the Gucci Babouska Large Boston bag more of a brown (rather than a Beige/ebony) look.

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Gucci Babouska Large Boston Bag

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This article was published on 2010/03/27