Gucci And Frida

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Language peak, changing the publicity for the 2010 Gucci was launched by hand display area.

"To let more people know about the production process behind the product, display from Florence Gucci leather factories in their craft, we have arranged excellent craftsman skills to the Gucci stores around the world, through the establishment of a special in-store work area, where guests can witness the whole process a variety of handbags, including Bamboo, New Jackie, New Pelham and the G Wave, and a variety of small leather products.

Table, sewing machines, leather, various types of hardware display racks and home to the world's major cities by the Gucci brand shops, here are some sketches Gucci products. Gucci outlet is convenient for you to buy products. How to handle the brand hand sewing, assembly of bamboo, how to prepare woven leather bar and hand with the suppression of the customer's initials ... ... turned into finished products from the process of drawing paper at a glance.

Some people say that the fashion industry Frida Girls Hero, claiming to know a woman in a male ticket designer, the control of the Gucci Group (the Group also owns YSL and Bottega Veneta) crown jewel.

Gucci now has 283 stores in the world, the face of more than 200 million Yuan performance fashion empire (Last year, she will be more successful design of Gucci design brigade headquarters and a vote by the move to her beloved Florence, Rome), do not blink in front of Frida almond eyes blink, said: "I do not feel pressure. The fact is, I do busy, but it does not feel pressure. Because I love my job, which is the world's most beautiful job, I was lucky enough in this post. "

Her relaxed manner is immersed in the music: "I love music, vinyl record collection." It is reported that up to 8000.

I heard she loves horseback riding; childhood began to participate in the competition. In addition, her other favorite is the collection of watches and jewelry 60, 70s.

"Although you rarely see the products in the Gucci 60, 70s shadow, but I am fond of this era. The collection is to buy when traveling around the world. In addition, cooking, and friends dinner distracted by the little things of life, but also the way I relax. "

But at the moment, she did not mean to stop. To the new, she was busy for the next quarter Cruise Collection: "May have to get basically, and 6 months of spring and summer men's, not long ago I went to Morocco in autumn and winter the implementation of the conference, go to the new Rome 4 days ... ... do this trip, plans, arrangements, not less. "
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Gucci And Frida

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This article was published on 2010/11/20