86 Years, The Road Chaintech Gucci Luxury Fashion First Year Of Changchun-gucci, Luxury Road, Deng

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Neat simple black short hair, exquisite and elegant look, dressed in black and white GUCCI new clothes, sitting in front of Deng Wanying's smile, gentle, introverted, and Italian East all the frank in her expression, so that the top brands of Asia-Pacific Nvzhang Men full of charm.

As a minority in charge of the international top brand in the Asia-Pacific Affairs of the Chinese women in the "head", Deng Wanying cloned a technique to manage the Group's subsidiary GUCCI GUCCI, YSL, BottegaVeneta brands such as Asia-Pacific business development, and has done impressive. Although the pressure, challenge, competition go hand in hand every day, but over the years, shopping centers did not change her life experiences-clear, "a woman heart."

4 years 4 Changchun line "4 years ago I came to Changchun, I really like this northeastern city, after an average of almost once every year!" Deng Wanying Changchun good impression, "compared to large bustling city, Changchun, some more their own fashion and culture. GUCCI brand from its founding has been 86 years, the development of shopping centers in the Zhuo shop, is not only a simple extension of history, GUCCI, GUCCI hope the luxury fashion culture with the culture of Changchun with integration to bring customers in Changchun with the world of fashion and exclusive enjoyment. "

Second-tier cities in the purchasing power line

4 times Changchun trip, Deng Wanying each time to see the city grow. Fashion degree of upgrading, urban accelerated level of consumption rises ... ... these rapid changes, can not help but heart. She said: "GUCCI for market development is very cautious, strict evaluation criteria and calculation of business district. Not only because the purchasing power of consumers in Changchun in the nation more powerful, able to open its store in the Zhuo development, are also its eyes on the high-end department stores Zhuo professional development of retail management experience. "

Such vast development space in China, GUCCI store opened in Changchun, the next 5 years, Nanjing, Wuxi, Kunming, more will be the focus of development GUCCI. GUCCI

wisdom is more suitable for girls

"Can one word summed GUCCI's style?" "That is really difficult, GUCCI has always been diverse, sexy, romantic, easy ... ... But no matter what, GUCCI is wisdom. "Deng Wanying frankly, those who come from the luxury car of the woman and those who cross party queen, and not truly representative of the product to buy GUCCI woman. And that more self-confident, full of fun and curiosity of the female talent is more likely to move her, "This is a wise gorgeous!" More fashionable than fashion

Olympics 2008 years of China's Olympic year, when a reporter asked how GUCCI close contact with the Olympics, Deng Wanying pride, said: "Olympic Games is the pride of every Chinese man-made events, is an even more than fashion itself fashion thing. GUCCI recently launched specially designed for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 8 provided limited edition?? "8-8-2008" series, which are the two Chinese red leisure bags, watches the Olympic Games, Mahjong, casual shoes, hanging personalized badges giant pandas and a bicycle, rather Chinese characteristics.

For this series of limited products, Deng Wanying no secret to express their own feelings of love. GUCCI fashion brand has always been high-end, luxury, sexy and famous, is a symbol of status and wealth. Designer FridaGiannini to sports stars for the design inspiration for the brand with the Olympics this element into the contemporary and vitality. Hundred years of Olympic history, fans of the Olympics from fashion into a fashion leader, GUCCI "8-8-2008 Limited Series" is closely linked to the Olympic Games and fashion.
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86 Years, The Road Chaintech Gucci Luxury Fashion First Year Of Changchun-gucci, Luxury Road, Deng

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86 Years, The Road Chaintech Gucci Luxury Fashion First Year Of Changchun-gucci, Luxury Road, Deng

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